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Yakutia’s Evenkis to have photoshoot for project ‘The World in Faces’

Travel photographer Alexander Khimushin took photos of indigenous minorities of the North for his project “The World in Faces”. In view of this he visited a village of Iengra in Nerungri district.  

Alexander Khimushin is from Yakutia. He did business in Yakutsk, started to travel around in 2007. Currently he lives in Australia.

“I’m a traveler rather then a photographer. I am collaborating with the TV channel ‘My Planet’. My priority is the photo project “The World in Faces”. I used to take photos of nature and different sights. Later I realized that my passion is people and their culture.


“The World in Faces” is aimed to demonstrate representatives of all indigenous ethnic groups. I take photos of people of different nationalities in their traditional clothes. This summer I traveled to the Far East and Siberia, where I realized that the culture of indigenous people is often endangered – they forget their native languages and traditions. I realized importance of keeping diversity of our world through portraits of people.13335728_1715959348646453_8411743671701957713_n

First I traveled and made some photoshoots, and then I called it “The World in Faces”. The first shots were made 5 or 7 years ago, when I was in South Eastern Asia. Among Russian people, I first took photos of Tofalars living in Irkutsk district. 

Most people support my project. Once I visited Evenkis in Buryatia, who communicate with each other. The others had already known and waited by the time I came for taking pictures of ones.

From time to time various problems occur and it’s common situation, when we have costumes, but some people, especially old ones, don’t give a permission to take a photo of them. So, we have to ask them and explain the objective of the project.   

Everything is easier in India, because sometimes strangers ask to take a picture when they see my camera. Sometimes I have language difficulties. Also, some of them believe that a photo can negatively affect person’s future.


 Источник :  YSIA

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